Country for Birds


The landscape of Far North Queensland is both contemplative and provocative, to stand in a particular space is to acknowledge its individual sentiments. There is often serenity but seldom utter silence. It is the presence of birds within the landscape that teases inspiration.

Machan’s Beach north of Cairns was the catalyst for motivation; here the sand floats into mudflats bumping against the mountains bordering Trinity Inlet. This stretch of beach is invariably peppered with birds, spindly and dolloped, loose limbed and wobbly; their gestures evident from afar.

It is these abstract marks against the brown of the sand bar, and purple grey smudges of the sea, that drove the idea for painting birds as an integral part of the landscape and hence Country for Birds.

Country for Birds is now showing at The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street Waterloo Sydney. 29th October – 9th November, 2013.