Cairns-based artist Julie Poulsen brings her ironic take on the modern Australian Dream to the Depot Street Gallery in Waterloo from 8th to 12th April with a new body of work, House and Land package.

A practicing artist in Queensland for more than twenty years, Julie Poulsen shows her trademark feel for colour and composition in House and Land package, a series of mixed media and stitched assemblage paintings that address the pre-designed formulae applied to our lives in modern home building.

The artworks tease out the real estate script and the clichés of contemporary living and revise the modern Australian Dream in a style that is playful, but reveals the sophistication of an artist who has dedicated her art practice to exploration, discovery and experimentation.

At first glance, the images in House and Land could be a tropical storm, savannah grassland, or rainforest undergrowth from Julie’s Far North Queensland home. Just like the subtle encroachment of development, however, the layers in the works become apparent, showing roadworks, design sketches, carved up blocks of land and identical houses.

House and Land package shows that one person’s paradise is another’s potential sub-division, an issue particularly relevant in Australia’s environmentally sensitive tropical north.

Author: Andrea Huelin