The point of change from glutinous green is abrupt – a curt reminder of the climate extremes within Australia. The sliver of coastal vegetation winds up the Rex range, through the omnipresent mountains of the Julatten region to halt sharply. Here at the junction monumental signage signals the disconnected transition from wet tropical to Savannah country, the road to Cape York.

The bare-boned landscape is smeared with a rusty ochre film, this dusty layer linking and blurring the various transitional changes. Unlike the defined parameters of plowed cane fields or urban structure, the inland expanse drifts toe to tail, nonchalantly under its cloak of milky sienna. Unfenced properties and indolent wandering cows further proclaiming the lack of boundaries. This is a land of sift and flow, linkage and leakage, imperceptible sectioning and structure.

It is the breadth and unruliness of the landscape not the intricate fussiness I am after. As the land unfolds, it crunches slightly then unfolds to describe a collective sameness often misinterpreted as boring. Not so - Blink and each time a frame is particularized. Each landscape portrait comes imbued with idiosyncratic qualities, independent but imbedded in the backcloth of commonality.

Each bat of the eyelid unearths and records, and the landscape continues to unfold.