2015-2016 marked a transition from exterior and landscape to interior and figurative. This was the year for the study of portraits and figures from life, a return to oils backed up with an intense revision of traditional functions.

In 2017 Iconoclasts, a group exhibition shown at Umbrella Studio Townsville and KickArts Cairns provided the impetus to move the figure from easel and oils to water-based media and unprimed canvas painted on the floor. Family photographs were the base images used while trialling an established palette and process previously only used for landscapes. 

A studio visit from Andrea May Churcher Cairns Art Gallery director and Julietta Park CAG senior curator, sparked a reminder of my love of drawing in painting and significant characteristics of mark making and mapping.

The associated stories for these new works for SCAF (exhibitor with Art Atrium Gallery) are both humorous and personal. They combine a new vibrant palette, a revised painting technique and the introduction of markers and biros. The stories are real; the characters are improvised, pulled from my life drawing drawer and reinvented.

As always there is breadth and intimacy in my artworks, the details not for rendering reality but for stamping areas for further consideration.