You are the things you have collected over time – joys and achievements, loving friendships, mirthful memories, foibles and frustrations, sorrow and loss. Your qualities have been compiled with an unintentional elegance over the course of a life to form a happily imperfect whole.

In the same way, a house is a collection of things that, together, form a kind of anti-décor – a style that may not conform to the accepted ideas about fashion or aesthetics, but which becomes a uniquely perfect signature.

The paintings are an attempt to capture the light and shade of memories and emotions that inhabit a home, embodied in part by the well-loved items that come together to tell a family’s story. These paintings are a patchwork of secrets – fragments of the artist’s home, life, self. They record this ever-evolving tableau at this moment in time, and give themselves up to the patterns that emerge.